Lighthouse and Boat


Judi captured the essence of this lighthouse sitting on a beach at the edge of the headlands, using her unique style of painting with acrylic on old wood.     Artist: Judi Bachmann

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This lighthouse sits at the edge of a cliff to protect the sailors and their boats from the dangers of a rough promontory. A small boat sits on the edge of the beach while the traditional-looking white lighthouse is surrounded by the cliffs of the headlands. Judi  found her inspiration in 2019 to paint this lighthouse, cliffs and water, in the natural grain of this jagged, broken piece of wood, scavenged from a home-renovation. She used metallic acrylic paints to create the brilliance coming from the lighthouse.

Medium: Acrylic on old wood stained with food coloring

Size: 13 in X 41/2 in


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