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Seriously? Swedish Death Cleaning?

I had been planning to do it for a long time now. And I had already been doing it– sort of, unintentionally, and very slowly. COVID-19, however, gave me concentrated periods of time at home – something we rarely find ourselves with. And so I decided to tackle my “Swedish Death Cleaning” – seriously.

Thanks to this unexpected Coronavirus lock-down, I was self-isolating at home: not going to work (temporarily laid off); not attending art and dance classes (cancelled); not seeing the grandkids several  times a week (social-distancing); not planning our Europe trip or my sister’s visit to Toronto (too risky). Within a few days our universe had turned upside down as governments all over the world, including Canada, declared a “state of emergency”. ‘Time on my hands’ became an opportunity to take my “Swedish Death Cleaning” seriously. Continue reading Seriously? Swedish Death Cleaning?

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Advanced Skin Anti-Wrinkle Serum – Free Trial is Not Free

Skin Balance Advanced Anti-Wrinkle Cream

The free sample of Advanced Skin Anti-Wrinkle Serum is NOT FREE.

It was a mistake. I clicked on a Facebook ad offering FREE samples of anti-wrinkle cream. I then gave my mailing information and supplied my credit card details to pay for the postage. A few days later my “fountain-of-youth” product arrived. So did my credit card bill. Continue reading Advanced Skin Anti-Wrinkle Serum – Free Trial is Not Free

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“Out of clutter, find simplicity.

From discord, find harmony.

In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity”.

– Albert Einstein

Clutter is an understatement for the chaos in my life right now. So I decided to tackle it head on. And the unexpected moving of my office this month presents the perfect opportunity. But I had no idea that dealing with the clutter would be so difficult. It is so emotional.

Continue reading Clutter

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Where do I start my Feng Shui journey?

I cleared a space at the dining room to start my journey. I sat down with The Feng Shui Journal – A guided workbook to bring harmony into your Life (by Teresa Polanco). I added a cup of mint tea in my angel mug – as I know I will need all the extra help I can get.

Continue reading Where do I start my Feng Shui journey?

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My Feng Shui Year – 2016

I need to change my life and I plan to use feng shui to do it…

I am so glad that you’ve decided to join me on the journey to find my new “karma”. Anyone who knows me will tell you that it is likely to be a bumpy ride. You may even find it’s a roller coaster, rather than a speedy highway or a tranquil forest trail

I woke on January 1, 2016 and decided my life would be different! Just how different – you might ask? We will have to wait until January 1, 2017 to really find out – but they say “life is not a destination, but a journey” – so welcome along for the ride. Continue reading My Feng Shui Year – 2016

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YI Sleep Better

Wouldn’t we all love better and more sleep?

I know so many people who suffer from some type of insomnia these days. Some who cannot fall asleep. Others who wake up in the middle of night and lay awake for hours – falling asleep again shortly before the alarm goes off . And a third group who wake at the crack of dawn  – too early to rise but they cannot get back to sleep.

Continue reading YI Sleep Better

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Giving children independence skills

Children learn how to make decisions and develop their own good judgement when you give them the freedom and independence to do so. Letting go of the reins to let them do this while keeping them in a safe environment is always a challenge for parents and grandparents.

We want them to learn about the world on their own and to handle awkward or challenging situations. We also want them to be safe and to feel protected. How do we balance these two needs?

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The Answer is within

…when we are ready to make a change in our lives. We need to listen to our own wisdom –rather than that of others when it is time to act – for we are the ones that must live with the consequences.

Advice for Change

Recently I was telling a friend about my solo backpacking trip to Ireland, and she asked: “What advice do you have for a gal who is also making her way through this world? I have some changes and work to do myself and as yet have not taken the steps I need to.”

Firstly, I think advice should be listened to – but not necessarily followed. Nonetheless, I always have advice to give. And what follows is my counsel…

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