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Maritime Brown Bread

Taken from 250 Best Canadian Bread Machine Baking Recipes – p. 27.

This recipe for Maritime Brown Bread makes a loaf very similar to one we bought with the same name at a bakery in Mississauga when the kids were growing up. They still remember it whenever I make this loaf. The molasses give it a distinct aroma and taste. Goes great with baked beans. Also a flavorful sandwich bread.  Continue reading Maritime Brown Bread

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YI Love Making Bread

What do you love most about bread? Taste, smell, texture, shape, or what you can do between two slices of it?

I must admit, I love all of these. But the smell is my favorite – that sweet, yeasty aroma. And that is only one of the reasons that I love making my own bread. The other major reason is that I can put what I want in the bread and I know that the ingredients are good for me.

I certainly love eating fresh home-made bread – with butter and jam, toasted or as sandwiches.

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