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3 Things You Should Never Cycle Without

cycling on toronto island

You probably thought I was going to list cycling essential tools like a pump or tire irons to change a flat, or maybe gloves to prevent blisters

While those are nice to have, and I have occasionally gone on a long trip with all of them – they are not the three things that I never leave home without. Continue reading 3 Things You Should Never Cycle Without

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YI Love Making Bread

What do you love most about bread? Taste, smell, texture, shape, or what you can do between two slices of it?

I must admit, I love all of these. But the smell is my favorite – that sweet, yeasty aroma. And that is only one of the reasons that I love making my own bread. The other major reason is that I can put what I want in the bread and I know that the ingredients are good for me.

I certainly love eating fresh home-made bread – with butter and jam, toasted or as sandwiches.

Continue reading YI Love Making Bread

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3 Reasons for Coffee at Home

By the time I finish my workout at the gym in the morning, I am craving that first cup of coffee of the day.

I pass the local coffee shop and I am tempted to stop. But instead I blissfully wander home drawn by the vision of a relaxing brew at my dining room table, while I do a crossword puzzle and listen to classical music – in my zen.

There are several reasons why I prefer a coffee at home: Continue reading 3 Reasons for Coffee at Home

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The Zen of Gardening

April showers bring May flowers! It’s raining today which means I am inside catching up with indoor work and grateful that I was able to garden on the weekend.

While gardens are beautiful to look at, good for the soul, and a benefit to our environment – they also are work! And there is plenty of effort required before we start to see results in May and in fact the rest of the summer season. Continue reading The Zen of Gardening