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Innovative Ways to Reduce Plastics

While plastics offer “convenience” in packaging of our foods, they are also harming birds, fish, animals – and most likely humans in the long term. Scientists have found evidence of microplastics  in almost all levels of the food chain. It’s time we found ecofriendly solutions and sustainable alternatives! Continue reading Innovative Ways to Reduce Plastics

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Maritime Brown Bread

When my kids were growing up, every Saturday morning we went to a local bakery in Mississauga and  came home with a loaf of bread called Maritime Brown Bread . It was a flavorful sandwich bread because it was made with molasses, which gave it a distinct smell and taste.  It goes great with baked beans too, which was often a Saturday favorite lunch. When I started making home-made bread in my bread machine, I found this recipe for Maritime Brown Bread in my favorite bread book. Whenever I make this loaf, my kids still recognize it because of its distinctive aroma. It’s a family favorite.  Continue reading Maritime Brown Bread

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The Reasons Why I Love Making Bread

What do you love most about fresh bread? The taste, smell, texture, shape, or what you can put between two slices of it? I must admit, I love all of these. But smell is my favorite – that sweet, yeasty aroma. And, I certainly love the taste of fresh home-made bread – with butter and jam, toasted or as sandwiches.

The other major reason for making home-made bread  is that I know that the ingredients that I choose are natural and healthy for me. Continue reading The Reasons Why I Love Making Bread

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3 Reasons Why I Drink Coffee at Home

By the time I finish my workout  at the gym in the morning, I am craving my first cup of coffee of the day.

I pass the local coffee shop and I am tempted to stop. But instead I blissfully wander home drawn by the vision of a relaxing brew at my dining room table, while I do a crossword puzzle and listen to classical music (my Zen).

There are several reasons why I prefer a coffee at home: Continue reading 3 Reasons Why I Drink Coffee at Home