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Thank you Nora Ephron

All my life I have loved to read. I have read a lot – for: university, work, pleasure, and simply information. Sometimes, I become obsessed, and read for hours, trying to learn everything that I can on a particular subject. In fact, I am a “hoarder” of information. I have almost 400 books and dozens of boxes of files in the closet to prove it. Continue reading Thank you Nora Ephron

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Seriously? Swedish Death Cleaning?

I had been planning to do it for a long time now. And I had already been doing it– sort of, unintentionally, and very slowly. COVID-19, however, gave me concentrated periods of time at home – something we rarely find ourselves with. And so I decided to tackle my “Swedish Death Cleaning” – seriously. Continue reading Seriously? Swedish Death Cleaning?

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Dealing with the Clutter in my Life

Clutter is an understatement for the chaos in my life right now. I had decided to tackle it head on. And then the unexpected moving of my office this month presented the perfect opportunity for the change . But I had no idea that dealing with the clutter would be so difficult, and emotional. Continue reading Dealing with the Clutter in my Life