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Applying Feng Shui

When I started my Feng Shui project, I decided that the Prosperity corner would be the Bagua segment that I would tackle first . It would focus my energies on what I think is most important to me – finding a new career (or a new source of income).

Where to start using Feng Shui

Once I determined where the prosperity segment of the Bagua was relative to my room and desk, it was quite easy to clean it up. I decided that the prosperity corner would hold: “tools of the trade” – in my case the things that made writing possible; my “to-do” basket; files relevant to my current projects; and the accounts. It is now organized, and labeled. And the deposit book sits there ready to handle the in-pouring of money, when it starts! No more teddy bears in this part of my office.

Scoping the problem

I rewarded myself with chocolate because one corner was finished. Then, I looked around and realized there was still much more to do – much, much more!

My daughter recently asked if I had her school report cards. Since I saved everything, I thought that I must have them too. This presented the perfect opportunity to review what was in my closet. So I managed to pull everything from the closet, check the contents, realize that I did not have them, get totally overwhelmed, and somehow stuff it all back in the closet, and then jam the door shut again. Phew!

Then I sat on the floor with a glass of wine and decided that sometimes the “ostrich in the sand” approach to life is much better than being “the little engine that could”. On the bright side, I now know this Feng Shui project has a life of its own which could span decades if I don’t learn more about “letting go”.

Starting with the easy bits

It won’t be easy, but I promised myself to return to “eating the elephant – one mouthful at a time”. This philosophy makes the problem appear smaller. And it makes the decisions easier when you finally get to the items that have real value.

I used this “piling” process to cull my DVD and VCR tapes.

  • Pile 1: have not watched / but still want to watch – some day.
  • Pile 2: watched and no desire to watch again.
  • Pile 3: keepers – just in case I have nothing else to do, I would love to watch these again.
  • Pile 4: good movies, the kind you could easily watch more than once, but will you ever make the time to do so.

Pile 1 and 2 were easy! Pile 4 was the hardest to create – but in the end I used the “sharing” strategy to help me to let go. If they have enough “value”, then I need to find a means for sharing that value with others. These are the items that would go to the local library, a second-hand store or a charity shop. I will find it hard to say good-bye but I will know that two good things have happened: a) someone else will enjoy them as much as I did, and b) I will have more space in my home, and my life. I will have “let go!”

So I am off to a good start, even if it is a small one…

What was your starting point for applying Feng Shui to your life, or starting a new project? Did you start with something easy or difficult?

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