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Unexpected Outcome of Feng Shui

In a previous blog, I revealed a warning that Feng Shui might bring unexpected outcomes.  This caution came true this week. My Feng Shui journey took an unexpected turn. And chaos erupted in my life – again.

“Most people who have used Feng Shui have experienced changes in their circumstances. These often correspond to the actual energy around a relationship or situation rather than our desires. The results will ultimately serve our best interests, but the outcome is often unexpected.”

In for a surprise

At the beginning of February, while I was in my grand-daughter’s room I smelled mold. Unfortunately, or maybe that is fortunately, I have a sniffer that can detect mold, mildew or mustiness when no-one else can. It’s not a skill that has much use or career possibilities. “Nose for hire” doesn’t offer much potential.

We were all heading out to Ontario for a long weekend, so I thought it was an ideal time to tear up the flooring in her room and spray it to remove any mold that I might find, expecting only to see a few bits where water might have crept through the seams. It would then have four days to dry out while we were gone. Instead, I was shocked to find very wet concrete underneath, and mold that extended throughout the basement. At once I felt the guilt of uncovering a major problem for my daughter and son-in-law to contend with. On the other hand, I felt relief that we discovered it sooner rather than later when the damage could have been much worse.

While we were away I was obsessed thinking about the problem. In the meantime, experts were on call to explore solutions when we returned home. My concern was where to put my grand-daughters while deconstruction and reconstruction occurred. Mold and construction-mess do not make an ideal play environment for two young girls.

So, I offered to move the girls into our office in the upstairs part of the duplex. Yes, the room that was my office – the space that I finally started attacking with Feng Shui.

Everything was turned upside down

So within a few hours, my office was now in my living room. A few hours later when we finished moving their beds, their clothes, and their artwork up the stairs, the girls were thrilled with their new shared quarters. The walls aren’t pink, but we converted it into a cute temporary space to live for the next few weeks while the basement will get waterproofed by the professionals.

So now my Prosperity corner sits in a completely different place. And I once again don’t have any idea where to place the Bagua. I have pulled out all of my Feng Shui books but haven’t found the chapter that says what to do when the “unexpected outcome” turns your life upside down.

In the meantime, my friend Michele offered me good advice: “When you move back into that room, only put in what you really want to keep.”

So, maybe the bad circumstance that I have just experienced will produce some good Karma for me. Maybe my Feng Shui year won’t take me a whole year. Perhaps this situation will act as an accelerator to cleaning up my clutter?

What unexpected outcomes have you experienced from Feng Shui? Did the results bring you good Karma?

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