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Where do I Put my Bagua?

It’s Complicated! I stand ready – with my Bagua and my “intention” – to attack the office first. But then I become totally confused! Where should I put the Bagua?

Which way do I hold it? If I use the door as my starting point, then how do I use the compass directions? If I place the Bagua on the compass directions, how do I deal with the fact that the room is now skewed and North is at a strange angle?

So I turned to another book – Feng Shui Home (by Gill Hale, Stella Martin and Josephine de Winter) for answers and I found this:

“Some Chinese practitioners have since sought to use the Bagua alongside the compass method. They place it over the plan of a home so that it is positioned with the Career area in the north, irrespective of where the front door lies.

Other traditional Chinese approaches concentrate on interpreting the energies indicated by the Five Elements and by the rings of the luo pan. Such is the “magic” of Feng Shui, that in the right hands, all approaches appear to work.

Newcomers to Feng Shui may find it difficult to connect to a compass. Hopefully, they will use either method to experience for themselves the magic of the early days of discovery, and will be drawn deeper into the amazing philosophy, gaining insight into its power.”

Essentially, I have discovered that in Feng Shui there is never only one way. Or you could say there are many ways to accomplish the same thing. That is because Feng Shui is about having a certain mind set – that change is possible and that good Karma can always be created. Basically if a situation has bad chi – then find a way to correct it. Use mirrors, trees, or your imagination to change the environment. Anything is possible!

It becomes clear in this advice from the authors: “From now on readers should feel free to connect with the Bagua as they wish, and through it to the tangible forces which make this such a fascinating subject. Most people who have used Feng Shui have experienced changes in their circumstances. These often correspond to the actual energy around a relationship or situation rather than our desires. The results will ultimately serve our best interests, but the outcome is often unexpected.”

I think I get it now. Just do something – anything! The fact that you are spending energy on trying to resolve a problem will create the change. Change cannot occur until you think about it first. Or as Eckhart Tolle said: “Awareness is the greatest agent for change”.

And so I discovered, that in order to change your environment, the answer is to put the Bagua wherever you want it and just get started. Somewhat like the famous Nike motto: “Just do it!” The rest will fall into place.

Have you used the principles of Feng Shui to help you make a change in your environment? Where did you put your Bagua?

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