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My Karmic Finds – #1

Sometimes you find something that you want to share with the whole world. This series of blogs intends to do just that. It’s kind of like that song “These are a few of my favorite things”…

During my year of feng shui, it is my intention to de-cluttter and cull everything that I don’t need in my retirement. Because I am a “hoarder” of information, I have several huge piles of magazines. My current goal is to go through each of the magazines and books that I own – at least one more time – and then discard them. I started – over a cup of coffee – with decormag – le premier magazine de decoration au Quebec. This magazine has always been stimulation for creativity with an inspiring, unique selection of residential homes and products. It is extremely difficult to throw these  issues away because I enjoy looking at the photos – over and over again.

In the November 2014 issue I found work by this design firm. And, I wanted to share it with you…

The first find was a wall of colorful wool felt strips by designer Anne Kyyro Quinn of the UK.

Anne mainly produces her work for commercial establishments, however there are examples of how she has used her techniques for residential homes too – such as the hassock used in the movie Sex and the City. My favorite is this round red sculpture (also shown on Anne Kyyro Quinn’s website). It is easy to see why these hand-made creations have made Anne Kyyrö Quinn “one of Britain’s leading manufacturers of handcrafted interior textiles” since 1999.

Red textile sculpture - Anne Kyyro Quinn

Ironically, while I was attempting to remove things from my world, I was enriched with even more experience. I thank good Karma for helping me discover these uncommon and beautiful designs and to be able to enjoy them and share them with you!

Have you ever serendipitiously found something new among something that you were in the process of discarding?

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