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Karma Kreatives

Welcome to Karma Kreatives

Karma Kreatives (KK) is a  blog for your kreative spirit. and a place to  shop online for a variety of products, selected to bring you joy,  make you feel good about yourself and the world you live in, and perhaps  also bring you good karma!

Karma Kreatives is also where Judi Bachmann shares her own personal karma, including her writing, art and photography. Continue reading Karma Kreatives

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3 Tips for Expense Management

While Expense Management is a simple concept to understand it is not always easy to achieve.

Expense Management (EM) is critical to the “success” of every person or business. When COVID-19 hit, expense management moved to a whole new level of importance to allow businesses and individuals to carry on. In an era of post-pandemic inflation, controlling your expenses is more than a wish – it has become a necessity. Continue reading 3 Tips for Expense Management

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Thank you Nora Ephron

All my life I have loved to read. I have read a lot – for: university, work, pleasure, and simply information. Sometimes, I become obsessed, and read for hours, trying to learn everything that I can on a particular subject. In fact, I am a “hoarder” of information. I have almost 400 books and dozens of boxes of files in the closet to prove it. Continue reading Thank you Nora Ephron

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6 Things to Consider When Hanging Art

You just splurged on your first original work of art at a gallery or market. Or you’ve brought home a stunning new piece to add to your growing collection.  Perhaps you have moved, and as you are unpacking the boxes you realize that your art will look different in the new home. The colors of the walls are different. The windows face east rather than south. You’ve purchased some new furniture. The whole look of this home is unlike anywhere you have lived before. You find yourself wondering “where is the ideal place for hanging your art?” Continue reading 6 Things to Consider When Hanging Art

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How to Staycation in Toronto in 2020

When planning a vacation you are probably thinking: location, location, location! Then suddenly a pandemic hits and you’re being told to stay “home”. But after being at home with the kids for 4 months, you desperately need a break. If you live in a city, you can create a “staycation” –  made up of day trips in and near the city  – or include accommodation and feel like you really are a traveler. Continue reading How to Staycation in Toronto in 2020

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How Hostels are Trying to Survive COVID-19

quote: "it's not the jouney but who you travel with"

“Hostels are built on the idea of community and sharing. Travelers never know from one day to the next who’ll they meet or where they might end up.” These are the words of Alexandre E. Petri. Based on my own experience, I couldn’t have said it better. That’s why I love staying in hostels when I travel. But now I am wondering – will it ever be the same post-COVID? I am eagerly looking forward to 2021 to find out… Continue reading How Hostels are Trying to Survive COVID-19

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3 Cycling Essentials You Should Never be Without

cycling on toronto island

You probably thought I was going to list cycling essential tools like a pump or tire irons to change a flat, a helmet to keep me safe, or maybe gloves to prevent blisters. While those are definitely nice to have, and I have occasionally gone on a long trip with all of them – they are not the three things that I never leave home without. Continue reading 3 Cycling Essentials You Should Never be Without

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An Excess of Clothing and COVID-19

How much is in your closet? Why are we addicted to “fast fashion”? How much do you really need? What should you do with the excess that you no longer need or want? All of these questions were dancing around in my head as I contemplated a spring closet clean out during our COVID-19 lock-down.  I am certainly guilty – just like so many others – of having “too much”. Continue reading An Excess of Clothing and COVID-19

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Seriously? Swedish Death Cleaning?

I had been planning to do it for a long time now. And I had already been doing it– sort of, unintentionally, and very slowly. COVID-19, however, gave me concentrated periods of time at home – something we rarely find ourselves with. And so I decided to tackle my “Swedish Death Cleaning” – seriously. Continue reading Seriously? Swedish Death Cleaning?