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Karma Kreatives

Welcome to Karma Kreatives

Karma Kreatives (KK) is a  blog for your kreative spirit. and a place to  shop online for a variety of products, selected to bring you joy,  make you feel good about yourself and the world you live in, and perhaps  also bring you good karma!

Karma Kreatives is also where Judi Bachmann shares her own personal karma, including her writing, art and photography.

If you are looking for Judi’s personal art, check out the GALLERIES  of her work or find individual items under the categories of ART or PHOTOGRAPHY.

You can read Judi’s KK Blog here. For more of what Judi has written, you can also go to Just Judi B.

Come back often to see what we have added, and to let us know what new products you would like to see featured on the site.

Always take time to enjoy whatever makes you feel relaxed.

  1. Have fun each day,
  2. Find your Zen,
  3. Be kreative, and
  4. “Live in the moment”.

And, remember to share your joy.