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How Hostels are Trying to Survive COVID-19

quote: "it's not the jouney but who you travel with"

“Hostels are built on the idea of community and sharing. Travelers never know from one day to the next who’ll they meet or where they might end up.” These are the words of Alexandre E. Petri. Based on my own experience, I couldn’t have said it better. That’s why I love staying in hostels when I travel. But now I am wondering – will it ever be the same post-COVID? I am eagerly looking forward to 2021 to find out… Continue reading How Hostels are Trying to Survive COVID-19

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Giving Children Independence

Children learn how to make decisions and develop their own good judgement when you give them the freedom and independence to do so. Letting go of the reins to let them do this – while keeping them in a safe environment – is always a challenge for parents and grandparents.

We want them to learn about the world on their own and to handle awkward or challenging situations. We also want them to be safe and to feel protected. How do we balance these two needs?

Continue reading Giving Children Independence

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It was a brilliant sunny day. Perfect for skating at Jarry Park. I watched my son-in-law skate circles around my grand-daughter. Then we persuaded her to do figure eights around the two of us. The fact that they both could skate so well encouraged me to try harder. After an hour going round the lake, I was quite pleased with my progress. Perhaps a bit too confident. Continue reading Over-Confident