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The Joys of Spring Cleaning

As the snow melts – dribbling down the snow banks like an ice-cream dripping down the cone on a hot sunny day – spring cleaning is on my mind.

And as I think of sunny days, I realize that I will be spending more of my time outdoors – in the garden and playing with the children on the trampoline. So whatever doesn’t get cleaned and sorted by May will probably wait another six months. Continue reading The Joys of Spring Cleaning

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Free Seniors’ Art Tours (Montreal)

Being an art lover at 65 means that you can enjoy FREE  admission to all of the collections at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts on Thursdays, all year-round. You can enjoy free art tours in the morning and you can also participate in a series of art workshops designed especially for seniors in the afternoon.

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YI Sleep Better

Wouldn’t we all love better and more sleep?

I know so many people who suffer from some type of insomnia these days. Some who cannot fall asleep. Others who wake up in the middle of night and lay awake for hours – falling asleep again shortly before the alarm goes off . And a third group who wake at the crack of dawn  – too early to rise but they cannot get back to sleep.

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The Answer is within

…when we are ready to make a change in our lives. We need to listen to our own wisdom –rather than that of others when it is time to act – for we are the ones that must live with the consequences.

Advice for Change

Recently I was telling a friend about my solo backpacking trip to Ireland, and she asked: “What advice do you have for a gal who is also making her way through this world? I have some changes and work to do myself and as yet have not taken the steps I need to.”

Firstly, I think advice should be listened to – but not necessarily followed. Nonetheless, I always have advice to give. And what follows is my counsel…

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The Zen of Gardening

April showers bring May flowers! It’s raining today which means I am inside catching up with indoor work and grateful that I was able to garden on the weekend.

While gardens are beautiful to look at, good for the soul, and a benefit to our environment – they also are work! And there is plenty of effort required before we start to see results in May and in fact the rest of the summer season. Continue reading The Zen of Gardening

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Defining Zen

What is Zen? Is it a state of mind? Can we aspire to achieve it? Do we need a teacher?

In defining zen, I turned to my bookshelf for the answers and discovered a chapter in “Buddhism – The Religion of No-Religion” in which Alan Watts describes how difficult it is to define Zen, a form of Buddhism practiced in many parts of the world including Japan and China. He says that contemplation may be the closest English word to describing Zen but that word itself implies inactivity while Zen is highly active.

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