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The Zen of Travel

I left for Ireland wearing my new T-shirt with “Live for the Moment” emblazoned across the front. It was the perfect message for how I travel.

Before I leave on any trip I am an anxious “mess”. I have to step over my bags for at least a week because I pack at least that far in advance. I need to know what I am taking and ensure that it all fits.

I check my ticket about 33 times to make sure that I have the right day and time. I make dinner early so that I have extra time for the drive to the airport, and won’t travel hungry. Even though I have eaten before I leave, I tuck a dozen trail mix bars in my carry-on – just in case.

However, once I get past the anxiety of getting to the airport, I usually slip comfortably into the Zen of travel.

I am relaxed and 100% present. I take the time to observe my surroundings and study the people around me. I let the sun soak deeply into my face and my soul. Or I walk between the raindrops looking for fairies (whenever I am blessed with showers). I enjoy learning of the local culture and tasting foreign foods. I am ‘one with my new universe’ – no matter how alien.

As I wrote this, I was flying into Dublin. I was catching sight of the whitecaps in the Irish Sea. They were but intermittent glimpses through the fluffy white clouds – that viewed from above looked like meringue piled high on a lemon pie. The clouds could be a prediction for the weather that Ireland will have to offer. (The last time I was there it rained every day for two weeks.) But it will not  matter. Now that I am here, I will make the best of every day – rain or shine.

As we descend into Dublin, I am committed to finding a unique Celtic-influenced Zen experience. “Live for the moment” will be my motto for the next 21 days.

TIP: To get the most of your travel, leave home troubles at home when you leave. They will still be there when you return.

How do you find your Zen when you travel?

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