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Free Art Tours for Seniors (Montreal)

Being an art lover at 65 means that you can enjoy FREE  admission to all of the collections at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts on Thursdays, all year-round. You can enjoy free art tours in the morning, and you can also participate in a series of art workshops designed especially for seniors in the afternoon.

You can visit the Museum’s collections all day from 10 am to 5 pm. To get more from your visit is to take the free guided tours offered at 10:30 – French or 10:45 – English. Each month the focus of the tour is on a different collection and each tour offers different insights into a portion of that collection. So every time that you come – you learn something new!

A learning experience

I recently attended several of the tours and learned about many aspects of art including:

  • perspective and how it was developed and refined,
  • methods and styles of art production,
  • characteristics of each period with comparisons across several,
  • influences on the artists and whose work they influenced, and
  • techniques used across periods and cultures – for both painting and sculpture.

The staff are helpful

The guides are knowledgeable and friendly and always welcome questions. Now that I have discovered Thursdays at the Museum, I plan to go as often as I can and look forward to learning more about the collections at Montreal’s Museum of Fine Arts – with and without the help of a guide.

After the guided tour, I usually go to the Cafe for lunch and then attend the free art workshops at 2 pm.  As I have described in a blog post about the free art workshops a few weeks ago, I have met a wide range of Montreal seniors who are enjoying this creative experience as much as I am.

I totally agree with the Museum when they say: “AT THE MUSEUM, WE BELIEVE ART IS GOOD FOR YOU, WHATEVER YOUR AGE!”

When did you visit Montreal’s Museum of Fine Arts? What did you enjoy most about the Museum of Fine Arts in Montreal? Tell us about other art tours that you have enjoyed.

UPDATE: The tours for seniors continue but the times have changed. The museum now offers the 45 minute tours at 1:00 pm. This more convenient time allows seniors to take the tour immediately prior to the seniors art workshops at 2 pm. They just keep making seniors day better for all of us. Thank you Musee de Beaux Arts Montreal #MBAM

TIP: Always heck the MBAM website for times of tours and workshops.


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