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5 Reasons Why I Love Yoga

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There are five primary reasons that I love going to yoga class as part of my weekly fitness regime…

1. Where else than a yoga class can I curl up like a baby and not have someone ask “Are you OK?” And to think this embryonic state is actually good for me – which is why it’s called Child’s Pose.  I a,m hoping that doing it makes me younger again.

A few days ago my three year old granddaughter came home from day care in a frenzied state.  She walked in the door and immediately found her blankie, curled up on the sofa, and zoned out while sucking her thumb. I looked over and there she was in Child’s Pose – still in her snowsuit. This pose seemed to have worked for her . A few minutes later, she arose calm and ready to tackle her next mission – destroying the kitchen while helping to make dinner.  This pose works for everyone who needs to drain negative energy and re-charge.

2. I also love Downward Dog. This pose allows me to see the world as if I were a monkey hanging from a tree in the jungle. I am sure that everyone else in the class is focused on the great stretch they are getting in their lower back and glutes. Me – I’m checking out the patterns made by reflections of the lights on the shiny hardwood floor and wondering if I could swing from the chandeliers. It is definitely another pose that re-charges my energy.

3. But the pose that really makes me feel alive is the Pigeon. This one stretches the thighs, groin and back. I read on WikiHow that it energizes the body and is therapeutic for fertility.  I am a grandmother so I don’t need the fertility part- but definitely need the energy!!! The thing that I like most about this pose is that it stretches muscles that I didn’t know I had and that makes me feel like I am still alive. I hope the others in the class didn’t hear me whisper: “Ow – that really hurts.”

4. I really love my new Yoga mat. It comes in a carry case so I think I look young and trendy as I walk to the gym with it on my shoulder.  And it is so soft and bouncy for sitting on while I sit cross-legged in a Zen-like state during the relaxation part of the class. But the best part is that is so comfortable when I get to take my little nap during the final meditation. Unfortunately I think my snoring interferes with everyone else’s meditative state.

5. But the real reason that I go to yoga is so that I can look avant garde in Yoga gear. Yoga instructors have so many cute camisoles and crop pants in such cool colours to choose from. Who would have thought that the manufacturers of lululemon would net $1.6 billion in 2014 –  just for designing something that we all needed.   Google says it is “athletic gear for all your sweaty pursuits”. Heck I don’t want to sweat I just want to look pretty when I sit on my new bouncy mat.

Well off to yoga class now. I will let you know when I learn how to stand on my head on that new bouncy mat…

If you have never tried yoga before and might feel intimidated going to a class, try a beginner yoga video first, in the comfort of your own home.

What are your favorite things about Yoga?

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