Only Love Can Mend a Broken Heart


Judi  found a broken heart in the grain of this wood and brought it to life using her very unusual painting style with luminous gold acrylic paint and colorful stains.     Artist: Judi Bachmann

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In 2017, Judi Bachmann first started using a unique style of  painting with acrylics on old wood that she stained with food coloring. One of the first pieces of wood that inspired her was this unusual chunk of lumber with a “broken heart” hidden in its grain. To make it stand-out in the wood, she used metallic acrylic paint. Every time she looked at it, she was reminded of the lyrics of 1962 hit song from her youth by Gene Pitney:  “Only love can break a heart, only love can mend it again“…

This piece of wood is 2 inches thick and is best presented standing on a table or shelf (rather than hung on the wall). It has been a keystone piece of Judi’s decor for the last few years on a bookcase. Bonus: this piece includes a complementary  pink candle holder, (with a heart on front) which has also been a mainstay in her home decor for decades.

Medium: Acrylic on old wood stained with food coloring

Size: 9 in X 10 in X 2 in


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