Apex-2 – Wood Art


Elegant and simple – yet Apex-2 has a message in its shape and in the beauty of the wood-grain. Ideal for a small space.

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“Apex” is the pinnacle or high point that we all aim for. To get there we all require diversions and rest points as well. This simple piece of wood art shows not only a peak, but some plateaus along the route to rest. Can you see yourself climbing this mountain to reach its peak? When Judi Bachmann saw this piece of reclaimed wood from a house being renovated in her neighborhood, that is exactly what she envisioned. With the use of carefully selected stains she brought out the beauty of the wood-grain and hopefully conveyed this message in Apex-2.

Hang this graceful  piece of wood art in a small space at eye-level or add it to table-top art – so that its unusual characteristics can be admired up close.

Size: approximately 3.5 in X 12 in. Wood.

Judi Bachmann is a mixed-media artist currently living in Montreal.


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