Apex-1 – Wood Art


Simple and yet elegant, this piece of stained wood tells a story of our climb through life to achieve an “Apex”.

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“Apex” is the pinnacle or high point that we all aim for. But to get there we all face diversions and rest points as well. A closer look at this simple piece of wood will show that there is not only a peak, but many plateaus along the route to rest. That’s what the artist Judi Bachmann saw when she picked up this piece of reclaimed wood from a house being renovated in her neighborhood. She used carefully selected stains to bring out the beauty of the wood-grain and this message.

This elegant piece of wood art is best hung in a small or narrow space at eye-level where its uniqueness can be admired up close.

Size: approximately 2.5 in X 29 in. Wood.

Judi Bachmann  is a mixed-media artist currently living in Toronto.


This product is currently available for curbside pick-up in Etobicoke.

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